Meet your 2017-2018 Leadership Team

The NLPAA Board of Management are elected to office for a one-year term at the Annual General Meeting held each June/July. The Leadership Team members volunteer their time and expertise for the Board and have a passion for NLP and a desire to help grow the NLP community in Australia.

The revelation of discovering NLP in 1997 saw Craig's career in Media, Technology and Corporate Management take a decidedly NLP infused turn. The subsequent 20 years has seen Craig work with some of Australia's largest Companies in Technology, Marketing, Change Management and Business Development through his personal Consultancy, Thoughts By Design. 

Craig has been on the Leadership Team since 2013 and became Vice Chair in 2017, followed by Chair in 2018.

Des Lowe

Des joined the Board in 2011. Having worked in senior positions in the corporate world for many years, Des understands and appreciates just how diverse and unique every individual is. Since leaving the corporate world, he studied and embraced NLP, and became a Master Practitioner and Trainer. As with anyone who has studied NLP, he uses it daily at home, and with others and in coaching.

TREASURER Dr. Heidi Heron PsyD

Since 1998 Heidi has been involved in field of NLP. She is a Certified NLP Master Trainer with the Worldwide Institutes of NLP, has run a successful NLP and Coaching Practice since 2000. She holds Trainer Membership and Clinical Professional Membership with the Australian Board of NLP, is a part of the NLP Global Leadership Summit and is a Registered Clinical Supervisor.  Authenticity, integrity and community are three words that may describe Heidi best. Her passion for NLP and the growth of the community within Australia are only rivalled by her love of her fur-child Honey the cat. Heidi was the 2008, 2015 and 2015 ABNLP Conference Coordinator, held the position of Secretary for the ABNLP starting in 2006 and held the role of ABNLP Chairperson from 2008 to 2018.


Greg has decades of management experience, a background in business ownership, a passion for helping people become the best they can be in business, and is an NLP Master Practitioner. His true passion lies in Management Coaching. He first heard of NLP in the early eighties when he’s was given a book on NLP, however, it wasn't until his wife reintroduced him to NLP that he really got the NLP bug. Greg then trained in NLP, which has changed him forever. His work life was finally aligned with his interests and personal strengths. Greg lives and works on the Central Coast of NSW, where he has setup practice in Gosford.


R!k Schnabel is an NLP and Life Coach Trainer with over 20,000 coaching and training hours. He lives on the Sapphire Coast of NSW with his wife and 2 daughters, nice and close to awesome waves. Yes! He loves to surf. He's married with 2 daughters and lives on the Sapphire Coast of NSW - nice and close to some awesome waves. As an author of 4 international best-selling books, he’s been in business for over 30 years and loves the mindset challenges that come with growing a business. He believes that we will look back at this time to discover that coaches and trainers were at the core of humanity’s evolution.



Shawn became an NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner in 2012. Whilst falling in love with the real possibility of humanity he later became a licensed NLP Trainer. He holds Trainer Membership and Clinical Professional Membership with the Australian Board of NLP, is the Vice-President of the Meta-Coach Foundation and part of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics. As a results Meta-Coach Shawn generally works with individuals, couples and companies who are seeking developmental coaching using NLP. Lean Business improvement, Self-Actualization and Collaborative Leadership are three areas that may describe Shawn best. Living in Orange and regional NSW, he is respectful and protective of each client’s vulnerability and constructively holds the client to a high standard of responsibility and accountability for their generative change.

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