Meet your 2020-2021 Leadership Team

The NLPAA Board of Management are elected to office for a one-year term at the Annual General Meeting held each June/July. The Leadership Team members volunteer their time and expertise for the Board and have a passion for NLP and a desire to help grow the NLP community in Australia.
Des Lowe

Des joined the Board in 2011. Having worked in senior positions in the corporate world for many years, Des understands and appreciates just how diverse and unique every individual is. Since leaving the corporate world, he studied and embraced NLP, and became a Master Practitioner and Trainer. As with anyone who has studied NLP, he uses it daily at home, and with others and in coaching.

Dr. Heidi Heron PsyD

Since 1998 Heidi has been involved in field of NLP. She is a Certified NLP Master Trainer with the Worldwide Institutes of NLP, has run a successful NLP and Coaching Practice since 2000. She holds Trainer Membership and Clinical Professional Membership with the Australian Board of NLP, is a part of the NLP Global Leadership Summit and is a Registered Clinical Supervisor.  Authenticity, integrity and community are three words that may describe Heidi best. Her passion for NLP and the growth of the community within Australia are only rivalled by her love of her fur-children Frankie & Grace (both cats). Heidi was the 2008, 2015 and 2015 NLPAA Conference Coordinator, held the position of Secretary for the NLPAA starting in 2006, Chairperson from 2008 to 2017, treasurer from 2017-2020 and now hold a co-chair position.


Greg has decades of management experience, a background in business ownership, a passion for helping people become the best they can be in business, and is an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer. His true passion lies in Coaching and Training. He first heard of NLP in the early eighties when he’s was given a book on NLP, however, it wasn't until his wife reintroduced him to NLP that he really got the NLP bug. Greg then trained in NLP, which has changed him forever. His work life was finally aligned with his interests and personal strengths. Greg lives and works on the Central Coast of NSW, where he has setup practice in Gosford.


TREASURER Craig Woolven

The revelation of discovering NLP in 1997 saw Craig's career in Media, Technology and Corporate Management take a decidedly NLP infused turn. The subsequent 20 years has seen Craig work with some of Australia's largest Companies in Technology, Marketing, Change Management and Business Development through his personal Consultancy, Thoughts By Design. 

Craig has been on the Leadership Team since 2013 and became Vice Chair in 2017, followed by Chair in 2018.


Vicki Laws

My passion for counselling is all inclusive. I work with individuals, couples and businesses. My experience in the corporate world and years of counselling individuals and couples gives me the solid foundations to specialise in areas that are important in both business and private life, such as effective communication, self-esteem, goal setting or overcoming hurdles which you face through-out life.

On a corporate level, having many years of management experience, I understand the importance of keeping staff skilled and empowered to achieve the best they can for themselves and your business. I run professional development and trainings designed specifically to my client’s needs. Conflict arises in all areas of life and as such my qualifications in mediation combined with my NLP skills allow me to highly effective in alternate dispute resolution.

I hold a BA Psychology, Diploma of Counselling, and a Cert IV in Analytic Psychotherapy. I am also a qualified Master NLP practitioner and hold additional qualifications in hypnosis. I am also a Nationally Accredited Mediator. My qualifications together with my life and business experience allow me to assist clients, their businesses or organisations in a most productive and effective way.

Everything I base my practice on is around three words Empower Achieve Fulfill.


R!k Schnabel is an NLP and Life Coach Trainer with over 20,000 coaching and training hours. He lives on the Sapphire Coast of NSW with his wife and 2 daughters, nice and close to awesome waves. Yes! He loves to surf. He's married with 2 daughters and lives on the Sapphire Coast of NSW - nice and close to some awesome waves. As an author of 4 international best-selling books, he’s been in business for over 30 years and loves the mindset challenges that come with growing a business. He believes that we will look back at this time to discover that coaches and trainers were at the core of humanity’s evolution.

BOARD MEMBER Manna Abraham

Manna is an experienced business & transformational life coach, thought leader, NLP Master Practitioner and a Certified Practicing Accountant.
A strong advocate of personal leadership and emotional independence including business, career, finances (CPA Australia, CA India), personal life, mindset and taming your subconscious mind. Manna’s vision is to create Authentic Leaders by empowering individuals to live an authentic life driven by inner strength & empathy, realising the power of subconscious mind, staying true to their values and integrity, thereby creating their reality and inspiring others. “Highest form of intelligence is the ability to observe ourselves without judgement” Over 20 years’ experience in personal and professional leadership, working across Argentina, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, US and the UK.
As a leader, building teams from one person to a hundred, leading organisational restructures and recruitment processes in a global labour market, analysing opportunities with acquisitions and mergers, managing teams and stakeholders from different cultures, backgrounds and skill sets.
Industry experience and technical expertise includes accounting and auditing, back offices and shared services, business advisory services, human resource and team management, equity research and finance, insurance, livestock, local government, manufacturing, project management, public practice, mindset and wellbeing. Troubleshooting challenges with critical thinking, crisis and change management, understanding the mindset of individuals, discovering your values and playing to your strengths, identifying opportunities, designing business and personal strategies for effective outcomes and aligning individual, team and organisational values are Manna's strengths.
Women’s empowerment is a key driver that connects roles as a business and transformational life coach, director and founder, and mentor, working with young girls and women around the world.
A Core belief is that Self-Awareness is the key to master your mind and redesign your life. Therefore, you design your life either consciously or unconsciously and leadership begins with "YOU". “Life is a series of experiences, and every experience takes us a step closer to greatness if we make a choice to be nonjudgmental and support each other with compassion and kindness, together we can create a sustainable, thriving community and a better place to live for future generations"

BOARD MEMBER Helen Luxford

Helen has over 20 years’ experience in human resources and professional development and has worked in various industries in Australia and the UK. Her passion is helping others be their best self and she started her coaching career in 2010.

She holds certifications in organisational coaching and various psychometric tools, but her ability to help others took off when she became an NLP Practitioner in 2017 and was inspired to continue her learning and become an NLP master in 2018.

She has a passion for people, is dedicated to her purpose of helping clients and truly believes that NLP is a gift that we should use to help others. Helen joined the NLPAA leadership team in 2020 and is excited about being able to contribute to the growth and development of our association.

BOARD MEMBER Dominic Varrasso

Dominic, an NLP Practitioner, is based in Melbourne. He joined NLPAA in July 2016 and is enthusiastic to contribute to the NLP community and contribute to the promotion of the NLPAA and Neuro Linguistic Programming in the business and medical community and to individuals.

He is an NLP practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Meditation teacher, as well as a practising solicitor and public accountant in Melbourne for the past 45 years, and brings with him experience in business and the corporate world. On becoming aware of NLP in 2014 and the uses of NLP, he decided to complete his NLP Master Practitioner course in November 2015. Dominic later completed his Graduate Certificate in NLP May 2017. In 2017 he completed his Diploma of Hypnotherapy and then undertook Advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and NLP in July 2018, and a Mediation teacher.

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