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The NLPAA does not recommend or endorse any particular tainer or training course; nor does the NLPAA conduct any training programs. There are numerous trainers offering courses, but the standard and delivery of what is offered varies considerably. We recognise the training delivered by many trainers, but not all. Selecting a trainer is a personal thing and can be a bit of a mine field. The NLPAA recognises that and has laid down certain minimum requirements any prospective NLP student might like to consider when selecting their trainer. Our website goes into great detail as to what to look for. As you read through this page, important links can be seen. These are listed below for ease of reference:

It is appreciated that it is a lengthy process reading through and following the advice given in all these pages. However, selecting the right trainer for you is important, and, as you will appreciate, part of the process we recommend is you speaking with prospective trainers and asking them specific questions.  By following this process you will be more informed and comfortable in your final


Be sure to look for the current NLPAA Recognised Trainer Logo. All NLPAA Recognised Trainer Logos now display a validation date - membership expires in July of each year.

Find an NLP Trainer

The following list comprises of NLP Trainer Members who train NLP and meet the minimum requirements of training set by the NLPAA. They have passed a rigorous assessment of their personal training, the training they provide and their training company. 

While we cannot grantee your training, we can guarantee that all Trainers (listed below) meet the standards set forth by the NLPAA in their training curriculum and ongoing renewal requirements. For information about any training program, please contact the specific training organisation listed.

The trainers listed here who are members of the NLPAA will be tagged with their membership level and will utilise the NLPAA Registered Trainer logo on their website. When a trainer is a member of the NLPAA you know they are keeping up to date with their own learning and are involved in the NLP community in Australia.

Why choose an NLPAA Listed Trainer?
Simply because you are guaranteed that your trainer has themselves learned from someone reputable and the training course meets the minimum NLPAA training requirements for the specific level of NLP you are seeking.

Throughout the world, there is no accreditation of NLP, no international board which qualifies someone as a Trainer, and very few standards which identify quality and reputable training. The NLPAA is aware of this and has chosen to change this by creating high standards which should assure potential students that their training will meet certain minimum training standards.

It is our suggestion if you are seeking NLP training to be prepared to travel to where the trainer of your choice is. NLP training is an investment in your entire life - if that means spending a little more travelling to the trainer, it will be money well spent. While most training covers the same type of information, each trainer is unique in his or her style. We invite you to contact as many trainers as you can, speak directly to the trainer and decide who fits your needs best, regardless of their location.

If you are contemplating an NLP Trainer that is not listed on this website there are a few main reasons why:

  1. They may be new to NLP training and are yet to apply to the NLPAA to become Registered Trainer Members.
  2. The course they deliver may not meet the NLPAA minimum training requirements.
  3. The trainer may not have completed a training course that meets the minimum training requirements. 

We highly recommend asking any trainer not listed on this website why they are not a recognised trainer or a member of the NLPAA.

We stress that the NLPAA does not recommend or endorse any particular trainer or training course. There are numerous trainers offering courses; the standard and delivery of what is offered varies considerably. We recognise the training delivered by many trainers, but not all. If you have any questions about a trainer or training organisation not on the NLPAA’s list of trainers please contact us at and we may be able to provide you with more information.

Trainers Not Recognised By the NLPAA

If recognition and membership in the NLPAA is important to you, to assist you in your search for an NLP trainer we offer you a list of NLP training providers which do not currently meet the NLPAA minimum training requirements either in time, content or trainer qualifications. 

  • NLP Academy Australia - All face-to-face trainings do not meet the minimum requirements for NLP Certification Training, the NLPAA does not recognised online training programs 
  • The Coaching Institute - All courses after 15 June 2013 are no longer recognised due to breaches of the NLPAA Code of Ethics.
  • Chris Howard Training - All courses completed after 2009 are not recognised and prior to 2009 the Master Practitioner & Trainer courses do not meet the minimum content or time requirements for NLP Certification training. This also means that NLP organisations where trainers have been certified by Chris Howard/Universal Events may not be recognised by the NLPAA
  • QC Seminars - All NLP courses do not meet the minimum requirements for NLP Certification Training.
  • Life Coaching Academy - the NLPAA does not recognise online training programs
  • Easy NLP - The NLPAA does not recognise online training programs
  • NLP Seminars - The NLPAA does not recognise online training programs
  • Life Potential Developments - The NLPAA does not recognise online training programs
  • Young & Wildly Successful - The NLPAA does not recognise online training programs 
  • Luke Hawkins Coaching - The NLP Practitioner Certification training does not meet the minimum requirements for NLP Certification training
  • Your Future Now - The NLP Training does not meet the minimum requirements for NLP Certification training
  • Elizabeth Anne Walker Training - The NLP Training does not meet the minimum requirements for NLP Certification training. 

This may not be an exhaustive list as the NLPAA only has added the organisations we are aware of. 
Please see NLPAA minimum training requirements for more information.

Online & Short Courses are not recognised as NLP Practitioner Certification trainings. 

When you are doing your research of a training provider, ensure the in-person training duration, content, standards and ethics meet the minimum training requirements. 

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