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NLP Training

We are pleased to present the upcoming NLP training programs presented by the NLPAA Trainer Members. For information about training program, please contact the specific training organisation listed.

We also invite you to view our Questions to Ask Your Trainer when seeking NLP training as not all NLP training is the same. When choosing an NLP trainer you are making a time and financial committment. We encourage you to find a training organisation that fits your specific needs. This may mean you will need to travel to the trainer of your choice.

If you are contemplating an NLP Trainer that is not listed on this website there are a few main reasons why:

  1. They may not have the minimum required 2 years of NLP Training experience needed to be listed on the ABNLP website.
  2. Their course may not meet the minimum training requirements
  3. The trainer may not have completed a training course that meets the minimum training requirements. 
  4. They may not support the NLP community in Australia

We highly recommend asking any trainer not listed on this website why they are not a recognised trainer or a member of the ABNLP. Of course, we also recommend that you complete your NLP training with a trainer on this list.

If you have any questions about a trainer or training organisation not on the list, please contact us at and we may be able to provide you with more information.

Be sure to look for the NLPAA Recognised Trainer Logo.

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