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Dr. Heidi Heron PsyD

Trainer Member


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Membership level
Trainer Member
First name
Dr. Heidi
Last name
Heron PsyD
Company Name
Worldwide Institutes of NLP
Phone 1
02 9264 4357

Member Information

Membership Level
Clinical Member & Trainer Member
Year started training NLP
Recognised to Train
  • NLP Practitioner
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • NLP Trainer
  • ONLINE NLP Practitioner
Duration & Format of NLP Practitioner
8 Days - 9am to 6pm daily
Online- 120 hours including 64 hours over 11 days live
Duration & Format of NLP Master Practitioner
9 Days - 9am to 6pm daily
Duration & Format of NLP Trainer Certification
14 Days - 9am to 6pm daily
Location of Training
Sydney, Singapore, Malaysia, USA

Personal NLP Training Details

NLP Practitioner School
NLP Worldwide
NLP Prac Completion Date
NLP Master Prac Completion Date
NLP Trainer School
NLP University - Robert Dilts
NLP Trainer Completion Date
Other Non-NLP Qualifications
Doctor of Psychology, Meta Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist
Additional Information
Dr. Heidi is an NLP Master Trainer, Coach, Therapist and Consultant with NLP. She has been training Full-Cycle NLP Training since 2000 with International recognition. She is on the NLP Leadership Summit membership committee, since 2014 has been listed on The Worlds Top 30 NLP Professionals list, and in 2017 is listed as #5, and she has been on the Leadership Team of the ABNLP since 2006, most currently as Chairperson.

NLP Association of Australia Inc.

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