Understanding Clinical Membership

Clinical Members hold the highest level of membership for NLP Coaches and Therapists available within the NLPAA. We are setting our sights on increasing the professionalism and standard of NLP Clinicians in Australia. To do this, the NLPAA has set and maintains strong standards and ongoing requirements to display our Clinical Members dedication to their field and modality of NLP. To do this, the NLPAA requires annual supervision and professional development hours from our Clinical Members. These requirements further demonstrate to the community and to the public that our Clinical Members are dedicated to their field, their, clients and their own professional development.

Requirements to join or upgrade to Clinical Member

Clinical Membership is available to anyone in Australia who has:
  1. Completed NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification courses which meet the minimum training requirements
  2. Has been working with clients as an NLP Coach or Therapist for a minimum of 200 client hours post Master Practitioner 
  3. Has completed a minimum of 5 hours of Supervision in the past 12 months
  4. Has completed a minimum of 8 hours of Professional Development in the past 12 months
  5. Holds current professional indemnity and personal liability insurance

Annual Requirements for Renewing Clinical Membership

Clinical Membership is renewable annually on or by 30 June. To renew as a Clinical Member the following requirements must be met: 

  1. Completion of 10 hours of Supervision, at least half must be conducted with a Clinical Supervisor or NLP Trainer.
  2. Completion of 16 hours of Ongoing Professional Development (OPD).
  3. Certificate of currency for professional indemnity and personal liability insurance. 

Clinical Member FAQ

Q: How many supervision and opd hours do I need if I joined or upgraded mid year?

If you joined or upgraded to a Clinical Member mid year you are required to complete the pro-rata equivalent.

  • OPD requirements = 1.5 hours per month of Clinical Membership
  • Supervision requirements = 50 minutes per month of Clinical Membership

Q: What if I have not accrued enough supervision or opd hours to renew my membership by 30 June?

If you have not accrued enough supervision or opd hours you can request a two month extention to complete the requirements. The NLPAA will approve only one extension every three years. Clinical Members are still required to fulfill the requirements the next year. If you do not complete the requirements within two months your membership will be downgraded to Certified Member and you will be able to upgrade at the time of your next renewal (30 June).

Working example: Jane applies for and is granted a two month extention (until 31 August), she completes her requirements within two months and retains her status as a Clinical Member. She then needs to complete 10 hours of Supervision and 16 hours of OPD between 1 September and 30 June. 

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